About Us

Ume and Banksii have joined forces to bring a deliciously creative fast food concept to life, in the form of well delivered Japanese pasta. Our licensed fast food concept serves up Japanese twists on the Italian pasta theme. 
The brains behind the alchemy are husband and wife duo Hamish Ingham and sommelier Rebecca Lines of Banksii Vermouth Bar and Bistro, and Kerby Craig of Ume Burger and Ume Bar.
Wafu translates to ‘Japanese-style Western dishes’ and Pasta Wafu is exactly that. Our dishes take inspiration from classic Italian pasta dishes and put a unique, Japanese spin on them.
Our handmade pasta is paired with dishes like Miso fettucine, Mentaiko (chilli-marinated roe) pasta and Naporitan spaghetti make up our menu, paired with our favourite Japanese sides such as Renkon chips and Karaage Chicken.  
Expect to reach new levels of umami at Pasta Wafu.
pasta wafu team members